Connecting Influencers, Business Leaders, Mentors and Mentees

As a special introductory offer, we are currently offering lifetime memberships for a one-time $5 USD fee. Prices will go up significantly in the future.

This one-time fee entitles you to everything we offer at no additional charge, including professional identity verification services, earning you a blue check verification badge, which will become increasingly important as AI and deepfakes quickly become more and more prevalent. puts you back in control.

  • Empowers creators
  • Helps small business
  • Respects privacy
  • Protects users
  • Provides all-in-one productivity platform
  • Low cost blue check identity verification
    (included at no extra cost with membership)
  • No recurring subscription or cost
  • Puts you in control

Your All-In-One Productivity App is being developed to be your all-in-one productivity app. It will be a single app that powerfully combines all of the following into one single ultra-streamlined privacy-focused productivity app:

  • Your To-Do List
  • Your Customizable Recurring Habit Tracker
  • Your Private Calendar
  • Your Public Calendar & Meeting/Appointment Scheduler | It's like having your own personal assistant!
  • Your Fitness Tracker and Workout Log
  • Your Goal Tracker | Whether your goal is to lose weight, run faster, learn a new language, get stronger, make money, or anything, you can set your custom and keep track of your progress easily and reliably.
  • Your Mentorship Communication Tool | Powerful tools to help mentors and mentees collaborate
  • Business & Social Networking Integration | This app will also serve as an Über-social-network that connects all the major social networks in one place.

All features are optional, and your privacy and needs are the top priority. You can use the tools that apply to you.

Protect Yourself from Getting Deplatformed or Demonetized

People have many opinions about cancel culture. Nonetheless, billionaire-owned Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are profit-driven, not benevolent cultural warriors. Even if never post something even slightly political or offensive, you can still get suddenly deplatformed, whether as a willful act of greed by Big Tech or as a mere error made by autoamted computer software. Every single day countless stories emerge of small businesses being put out of business by some devastating decision--or simple mistake--made by a tech giant. Sometimes it seems like an intentionally biased decision by a tech giant to stamp out competition, like Walmart does to brick-and-mortar Mom & Pop stores. Sometimes it is just a mistake or software glitch.

It can happen to you. Be prepared.

How Can Protect You

At, we understand that creators and small businesses typically rely on tech giants like YouTube and Instagram for their businesses. Our solution is not to boycott big tech media websites. Rather, our solution is to provide unity between influencers, creators, mentors, and small businesses and help them communicate and interact with their clients, customers, and fans. Our solution is to create a powerful collaborative union, similar to a labor union but designed for small businesses, independent artists, and the self-employed to all come together and work together to take our power back from industry giants. When we say take our power back, what we mean is that we will help you take your power back.

By joining our united team, you will get to a place where you still use big tech but you do not dependent on big tech. They need us more than we need them.

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